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Id: 2153 Attr. doubtful: Yes Time: 1720 - 1730 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Quantz, Johann Joachim (1697 - 1773) *

also attributed to Anonymous,

mistakenly attributed to Roman, Johan Helmich

Sonata a tre/Trio

Opus:QV 2: 40
Instrumentation: 2 Fls/Obs, Bc (Cat. 3.2)
First published: [Skma Ms before 1768]
Modern editions: Autographus Musicus
Buried Treasures
Amadeus (Ed. H.Augsbach, 2006)
Libraries: GB-Lbl (Ms parts, Add 31902)
S-Skma (Ms score, Ro 50a)
S-Skma (Ms parts, Ro 50b)
D-Dl (Ms parts, Mus.2470-Q-25)
Free downloads: Manuscript Score Show Download
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Misc. information:This worthy piece has been attributed to J.H. Roman with no basis in fact (Haynes);
In S-Skma in g for Obs, parts add Trvs;
In D-Dl, GB-Lbl in a for Fl;
Augsbach does not mention the oboe source
Related works: ---
References: Haynes, Ves1 (191), Reilly (p.159), Ves2 (Q676-7), Augsbach (p.102), Hosek 1975 (p.234), and RISM (212.002.549)
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