to the Haynes Catalog! This project, inspired by Bruce Haynes' famous book 'Music for Oboe', presents an interactive and continuously updated database containing music for and with oboe up to 1800. It offers many search functions which may be combined and allows an unambiguous identification of the pieces listed by including incipits (this work is still in progress). To utilise all these functions have a look at the How to Use - Page. Words cannot express how thankful I feel to Jens Kanschik for writing the software running this catalog. I am honored that, through my commitment to this project, a part of Bruce Haynes' work will live on.
I wish you a successful catalog search and hope you enjoy finding and performing our oboe music! Peter Wuttke
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Please note

The quantity and quality of this database depend on your participation. You can help in many ways:

1. If you know of any pieces not included in the catalog please send me an e-mail.

2. If you find mistakes, or know more details about a certain piece, please write an addition in the Full Record.

3. Please have a look at the List of Problems, and send me an e-mail.

4. Please help me to collect the missing incipits.