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Composer information for 'Stölzel, Gottfried Heinrich'

Name: Stölzel
First name:Gottfried Heinrich
Dates: (1690 - 1749)
Misc. info:Worked primarily at Gotha. Higly regarded by his contemporaries (including Bach), especially for recitative. S. began writing for Obdm. at Gotha at the early date of Trinity Sunday 1720 (see Koch 63 and Schulze 1989:10). Henneberg (cf. H numbers) lists 112 cantatas by S. with Ob., 35 with Obdm. (mostly written 1720/21) and 5 with 'Grand Oboe' (the only dated one is 1743/44). Most of these works are located at D-B and D-SHs (at the latter place, there are 44 cantatas). Solos for Ob. appear to be rare in S.'s religious works, however, to judge from those I have examined at D-B.