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Id: 1594 Attr. doubtful: No Time: c.1700 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Konink, Servaas de (? - c1717)

12 Sonates

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Key:c c c F g F F d d F C G
Instrumentation: Fl/Vn/Ob, Bc (Cat. 2.5)
First published:Amsterdam: Roger [By 1700]
Modern editions: Moeck (Nrs. 7,9,10 in F d F)
Schott (in d g)
Library: D-W (Ms copy Cod.Guelf. 139 Musica Hdschr, dated 1.ix.1700)
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Misc. information:D-W Ms for Fl (= Rec in F) only. Sonatas 6, 12 have mvmts using "tremolo" (breath vibrato). Last 6 are too high and must be transposed down.
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References: Sf (p.238), Rothwell, EQL, and Hosek 1975 (p.170)
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