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Id: 1964 Attr. doubtful: No Time: 1695 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Paisible (Paisable, Peasable, Peasible), James (c1650 - 1721) *

together with Tollett, Thomas

"The Queen's Farewell" [Funeral March]

in "The Sprightly companion"

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Instrumentation: 2 Obs, Taille, Bsn (Cat. 9.1)
First published:London: Playford 1695
Modern editions: Nova Music (174, out of print)
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Misc. information:Printed in Banister [?]. Written for Queen Mary (d. 28 Dec 1694) with T. Tollet. May have been played by the 6 "hautboys" of the first regiment of foot guards; Printed in Baines
Related work: "The sprightly companion" by Banister, John Jr.
References: Hedlund (p.12-15), Halfpenny (II), Lasocki 1983 (p.371,790), and Baines (p.283ff.)
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