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Id: 2002 Attr. doubtful: No Time: 1701 - 1706 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Pez (Petz), Johann Christoph (1664 - 1716)


Instrumentation: Htb solo, Bc (Cat. 2.4)
First published:[? 1701-06]
Modern edition: Universal Edition (Ed. C.Schneider, 1994, UE 30129)
Libraries: D-ROu (Ms score, XVII:38.26, originally from Stuttgart)
B-LVu (Score, P206, 30, Martinelli-Collection, p.64-66)
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Misc. information:4th movem. of LVu is not identical. Some passages in ROu have been corrected in pencil.(Krüger)
Related works: ---
References: Meyer, E.H. (p.231), GrVI, and Krüger, E. (p.738f.)
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