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Id: 2064 Attr. doubtful: No Time: c.1754 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Pla, José (1728 - 1762) *

together with Pla, Joan Baptista

6 Sonatas

Key:C d F F G e
Instrumentation: 2 Trvs/Vns/Obs, B:Hps/Vc. Miroglio ed. (see below) adds Dv (Cat. 3.1)
First published:London: Hardy c1754
Modern editions: ---
Libraries: F-Pn (Miroglio printed parts, AC E3- 193)
GB-Lbl (Hardy print, f.23., bass part of nr.6 missing)
H-KE (Ms: Nr. 5)
I-Mc (Ms: nr.1 but in D, nr.2/1,2 and 4/3)
S-Skma (Ms: 4/II)
US-Wc ("Sig:rs Pla's", later notation "José and younger brother")
D-KA (Nr. 6)
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Misc. information:Nr.1,5 pub. Miroglio ed. Nr.2/1,2 and 4/3 pub. Welcker as single trio (? 1770). Nr.3 pub. Longman, Lukey (c1770) Most probably they were composed ensemble by the Pla brothers.
Related works: ---
Reference: Dolcet (p.2,8,25-29)
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nils jönsson commented over 7 years ago: D-KA (Nr. 6) Mus. Hs. 741 in D-minor! for fl (2), b
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