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Id: 2839 Attr. doubtful: No Time: 1700 - 1730 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Vivaldi, Antonio (Lucio) (1678 - 1741)


Opus:RV 28
Instrumentation: Ob, B (Cat. 2.3)
First published:
Modern edition: Breitkopf (2002)
Library: D-Dl (Ms score, Mus. 2389-R-6.1)
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Manuscript Score Show Download, restored version
Modern Edition Score and Parts Show Download, Ed. S.Hammer, 2015
Misc. information:R. Recently claimed to be for Ob rather than Vn. F XIII/5 (Ricordi tomo 356);
Frequent complicated figuration that fits the Ob well. 2d mvmt similar to Pastor Fido VI/2.(Haynes);
Vivaldi scholars have not yet achieved a consensus on whether this sonata (and RV 34 and RV 810, too) is for violin, for oboe, or (this my present theory) for violin and oboe as alternative instruments. What is interesting is that RV 28 is copied in the same hand as RV 51, which is certainly intended for a woodwind instrument (ostensibly transverse flute). Both RV 28 and RV 51 borrow material (but, interestingly, not the same portions of material) from the violin sonata RV 27. My hypothesis is that they are both specially 'customized' variants of RV 27 probably prepared by Vivaldi himself for the use of J. C. Richter in 1716-17 (M. Talbot)
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References: Haynes and Ryom (p.13f.)
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