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Id: 3614 Attr. doubtful: No Time: 1732 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Quantz, Johann Joachim (1697 - 1773) *


Opus:QV 1: 49; [op.2, Nr.1]
Instrumentation: Trv/Ob/Vn, Bc (Cat. 2.4)
First published:London: Walsh 1732 as op.2
Modern editions: ---
Libraries: DK-Kk (Ms score, mu 6210.2530)
F-Pmeyer (Walsh print)
F-Pn (Ms score, Rés.F.M.1122)
GB-En (Walsh print)
GB-Lbl (Walsh printed score, R.M.17.f.20.(4.))
GB-Lbl (Walsh printed score, g.1090.(1.))
S-Skma (Ms score, Ms.C 1-R)
US-NH (Walsh print)
US-R (Walsh print)
US-Wc (Walsh print)
D-B (Ms parts, Mus.ms. 18020/2)
D-Gs (Walsh print)
Free download: Manuscript Score Show Download, Sonara V
Misc. information:Ob only mentioned in the Walsh print, all Mss for Fl
Related works: ---
References: RISM (452.000.087), RISM (150.231.171), and Augsbach (p.18)
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