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Id: 1753 Attr. doubtful: Yes Time: 1717 - 1719 Lost: No Source: Music For Oboe

Lotti, Antonio (c1667 - 1740)

also attributed to Heinichen, Johann David or Stölzel, Gottfried Heinrich


Instrumentation: Obdm solo; 2 Vns, Va, B/Hps (Cat. 10.3)
First published: c1717-19
Modern edition: Befoco (Ed. B. Forster, as Heinichen)
Libraries: D-RH (Ms parts, Ms 390, signed "J.M. Dömming 1734")
S-L (E 107 and K 83 under "Stölzelli.")
D-DS (Ms 342(?542)/6036-7, as Lotti)
D-DS (Ms score, Mus.ms.347, as Heinichen)
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Misc. information:Reg.# from Seibel. Ms 6036 was apparently a Lotti *; RISM lists as Heinichen
Related works: ---
References: BrTC (1763,p.30/110), Sf (p.2525 - ?Ms), Blake (p.198,200,202,204), MGG 1 (p.1809), Engelke (11, p.69), RISM (190.002.798), Seibel, BrC, RISM (190.002.799), and RISM (450.016.927)
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